What Equipment

What equipment do I need?

The list below summarises the essential equipment:

  • -boots or stout shoes; for the more demanding routes three-season boots are essential,
  • -waterproof/windproof jacket and over-trousers,
  • -rucksack; 25-40 litre capacity is normally adequate,
  • -food and drink for the day; 1 litre of liquid plus a flask with a hot drink if desired,
  • -spare warm clothing; this is particularly important in the cooler months and weather conditions change through the day,
  • -warm hat and gloves for the cooler months, sun hat and sun cream for the summer,
  • -personal  first aid kit,
  • -emergency contact card.

Other equipment some walkers find useful:

  • -walking stick/poles,
  • -waterproof mat to sit on,
  • -camera,
  • -binoculars.

At the end of the walk you need  clean footwear and supermarket plastic bags or a boot bag for the dirty boots.