Join a walk

How do I join a walk?

You do not need to be a club member to start walking with the Club. You can participate in a few walks before deciding to join. People intending to walk regularly with the club should join. Occasional walkers through Meetup however, are very welcome. By looking at the Newsletter you can see precise details for each walk.

To help you understand the format in the Newsletter the following explanations are useful.

Sunday coach rambles
assume a coach fare of £10 and give three meet locations i.e. the coach stops to pick-up at County Hall (9.05 am, cars can be parked in the County Hall grounds), Mount Street (9.15 am, just off Maid Marian Way) and Nuthall (9.25 am, cars can be parked at the Miller’s Barn, Phoenix Park).
By request we can also pick-up at the church bus-stop opposite the shops in Keyworth Square, and also at the bus-stop on the Melton Road (A606) at Tollerton.
It is important that you use the telephone number provided to book a place on the coach. If subsequently you are unable to attend then you should ring to cancel the booking, preferably giving at least 24 hours warning.

The Newsletter entry also gives the lengths and brief itineraries for each walk. The walk planning for the spring, summer and autumn months assumes a picnic lunch. During the winter the walks are planned so that the coach meets the short and medium parties part-way through their walks and lunch can be eaten on the coach.

Wednesday car rambles
normally start at 10.30 am and the Newsletter entry gives instructions (including an Ordinance Survey grid reference) for finding the meet location. Also included are the walk length and a brief route description. Generally there are picnic lunches during the summer with longer walks and in the winter, pub lunches and shorter half day walks.
You can simply arrive for 10.30 am and join the walk but if you make your intention know to the leader we will be “looking out” for you. The leader will be happy to advise on finding the start of the walk.


General enquiries either;
Telephone the Club Secretary : (0115) 925 6213
or.. e-mail: