Do’s and Don’ts

What are the do’s and don’ts on a walk?

The walk leader has wider responsibilities than simply route finding, so you need to co-operate with the leader to avoid making his/her job more difficult.
Leaders are particularly concerned not to lose members of their party so the walking group should endeavour to remain compact. If asked to do a turn as the backmarker then do the job conscientiously; the leader does not want to see the nominated backmarker walking by his/her side a few minutes later.
At important points during the walk the leader will check numbers in the group so if you intend to leave the group you must inform the leader; obviously you are then taking responsibility for your own progress. Strictly you should not walk in front of the leader and certainly not charge a long way ahead.

It is important to follow the Country Code; particularly relevant to walkers are:

  • Do not leave litter
  • Leave gates as you found them
  • Do not disturb livestock,
  • Minimise damage to growing crops by walking in single file.

Dogs are not allowed on walks.